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St. Vincent - My Brand New Life

JP Morgan - Imagination
Chase - Morocco

Key Club - Shoes

CaroMont - Red Right Ankle

St. Vincent - Bariatrics

NCAA - Respect

Originally from Indianapolis, Joel Umbaugh studied filmmaking at Indiana University specializing in digital video, 3D animation, editing and design. He directed his first feature, "Fake I.D.," while  still  in school, which was picked up for distribution by Blockbuster. 


After graduation, Joel signed with Road Pictures where he directed spots for brands such as  Eli Lilly, Volkswagen, Microsoft  and Angie’s List. 


Joel’s directing style consists of purposeful compositions that are clear, bright, and precisely communicate messaging, while his background in filmmaking enables him to keep the most value on screen.  Joel most recently completed projects for Netflix and JPMorgan Chase.  He lives in Los Angeles.

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