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Frank is an interdisciplinary artist who takes pride in his ability to morph from one creative role to another.

Amongst those roles, Frank sits comfortably as a director, photographer, cinematographer and creative director.  His full scope of work extends from ideation and creative direction to execution and finishing, bringing color from his wide gamut of talent into the creative palette. 

Frank, as a director, has worked with international brands such as  Peloton, Lexus, LongChamp, Microsoft, Cartier, Starbucks, Nike, etc.

In photography, his work has been published in Interview Magazine, Vogue, W Mag, Marie Claire, and New York Times.

He’s alway down for a conversation and to brainstorm for your upcoming project.   Frank lives in Brooklyn.


Peleton - Refresh

Lexus X Interview Magazine

The Olympics - Inspired by Greatness

Peleton - Yoga + Weights
Cartier - 100 Years From Tomorrow
Google Pixel - Troye Sivan
Queen of the Night
Alice & Olivia
The Opera Men
Tampax - Radiant
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