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Todd began his film & video career in 1988 and has since worked in every medium and genre. In 2009, he produced the groundbreaking Coca-Cola "Happiness Machine" which became an industry game-changer and went on to win a Gold CLIO. Since then, Todd has mastered the Experiential genre and has produced countless projects throughout the US, Alaska, Canada, Brazil and Egypt. Through the process, he's become an expert in Real People Casting as well as hidden camera and Live Streaming technology and has honed his skills everywhere from the steamy favelas of Rio de Janeiro to the dusty streets of Cairo during Arab Spring. In 2015, Todd produced the acclaimed Benjamin Moore "Talking Wall" that won a Cannes Silver Lion the following year. Todd is based in New York and Los Angeles.


CANNES SILVER LION 2015:  Benjamin Moore "Talking Wall" (Green Monster in NY)

GOLD CLIO 2010:  Coca-Cola "Happiness Machine"

PROMAX GOLD 2007:  SyFy Channel "Who Wants To Be A Superhero" Promo

Pepsi "Can Cave"

Benjamin Moore "Talking Wall"

Pepsi "Spire Crashers"

Fanta "Lift & Laugh"

Febreze "Shipping Container"

SoCal Honda "Wounded Vet"

Pepsi "Snap Fridge"

Coca-Cola "Happiness Truck" Rio de Janiero

SoCal Honda "Drybar"

Pepsi "Smart Helmet Challenge"

Coca-Cola "Happiness Machine"

Coca-Cola "Happiness Truck" Egypt

Coca-Cola "Happiness Machine" Cairo

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