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Ever since he was a young boy, Benjamin Scott has been fascinated with the way light affects the human eye. This most likely derives from being raised by mole people in the tunnels under New York City. A seasoned director,  Ben likes to spice up his work by peppering his salty sensibilities throughout, thus adding flavor and showcasing his a-cumin.  Never one to play favorites, Ben is careful to never order the same sandwich twice.  His long-time friend and one-time lover said Ben is “really not bad in bed.” Ben Scott is not the most interesting man in the world, but he's been known to party in the same room with him on occasion. He lives in Los Angeles or wherever the gods of art and commerce may send him. "Ice-T"

Black+Decker "Pearls"

Alaska Airlines "Canoe"

LensCrafters "Lotto"

Tide "Power Tie"

Trojan Condoms

Celsius Energy Drink

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